Can't you keep my hand to yourself?!
Saturday, March 4
  Krazy Korean Films

First Oldboy, now Save the Green Planet

Both were.....original to say the least....
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Best hat since Doc's mind-reading helmet in Back to the Future.

We must see this film immediately.
The helmet is definitely sweet. Like at the beginning of the trailer when he switches it on and that little thing starts oscillating on the side... hilarious.
i beg you all to reconsider the immediate seeing of this film. first 5 minutes of the movie are hilarious, and then...

the movie not so much doc emmet brown crazy like the poster would suggest, think more... john wayne gacy-crazy.

i'll also add that after seeing this movie, 'steaming dildo' is now the new brokeback mountain.
Can the hat be constructed for use at WILD? Do we have the technology?
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