Can't you keep my hand to yourself?!
Thursday, December 8
  Fuck you guys
That poll is total bullshit. Where's the studying for finals option? Wheres the playing World of Warcraft option? Obviously there is an unfair bias in this poll. This poll is about as scientific as my nuts. Oh and for the 66% of you who apparently think Im a porno junkie, I'd tell you to fuck off, but im too busy jerking it.
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Johnny, why even bother defend yourself here? All of those poll options are more than possible uses of your time. Maybe not the wormhole...unless that's a reference to gay sex. In which case I'd like to change my vote.
I would've voted video games, but it wasn't an, naturally the most logical choice was.....OZ!
Congrats on obsoleting our poll. Any ideas for a new one?! Of course you all can post one at any time in your blog thingies, but for it to go on the right bar I think only I can do that. oh well....
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