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Tuesday, October 24
  IE 7 released (updated)

IE 7 was released last week. At long last they added tabs, though I think their implementation is a bit lackluster (i.e., why can't the tab bar disappear when there's only one tab open?!). Any other first impressions?

Here is the download site.

UPDATE 10.25.06

Here's an interesting discussion of IE7, Microsoft's first significant upgrade to IE since 2001, and Firefox 2.0, which was released today. My favorite quote:
And I'm still fascinated by one question: If Firefox had never cut sharply into IE’s market share, would Microsoft ever have gotten around to bringing its browser into the modern age?
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I haven't used it yet, not supported for Macs (alright!). I do look forward to giving it a shot on my work computer. I did see this and I thought that it was relevant....
I haven't used it yet. Firefox is good enough for me. Have you guys tried Vista RC yet?
yeah i still use FF, but wanted to see if they had actually fixed or improved anything
I submit a post about the secret service hassling a young girl and THIS gets more comments? Gay.
what can i say j, i was speechless.

but in the spirit of fun and games i'll go ahead and post the comment i almost posted but decided against posting
How's everybody doing? You guys holdin' up alright? You want a soda?
No Ben, haven't tried Vista RC, how is it? (Hahaha, "how is it" ... haha)

Ok seriously, how is it?
Ben I'm going to jump kick you the next time we cross paths--believe it!
j, can i watch?!
I don't know. I'm too scared to try vista. IE7 is alright. It loads faster than FF so far, but you still have to type in ".com" to get to a website, it's so lame. I do like the ability to preview all the tabs though.
Whatever J/Remy/Jeremiah/Blogger J, all I need to do is give you a couple beers, then you'll be out cold.
yeah how do you preview all the tabs?
There's a button that you can click on.
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