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Sunday, October 1
  Ramadan: Time of Reflection and Blowing Shit Up

Ah, the fall...a beautiful time of year, really. Unfortunately chased by the harsh and often long winter months, fall is a time of enjoying crisp breezes and long strolls through leaf covered streets. Hot chocolate becomes drinkable again, and so on. Fall also brings the holy month of Ramadan, an occasion SO sacred, nobody would dare blow up another man's car and shoot at his home. 'Cept that guy up there. But is that color-coordinated felon really acting alone? No. As it happens, Smith & Wesson weren't the only ones helping to destroy the sanctity of this holy month...burning cars, grenades, and mobs of riotous people ran amok. For all the details, try this on for size:
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I really hope that guys thought process was, "OOooooh cameras, fabulous! Hold on....hold on......I have the PERFECT pose, AAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRTTGGGGGGGGGG!"
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