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Tuesday, October 10
  North Korea and how to learn English in a vacuum
Take a look at North Korea's announcement, via the Korean Central News Agency, of yesterday's test explosion:
The nuclear test was conducted with indigenous wisdom and technology 100%. It marks a historic event, as it greatly encouraged and pleased the Korean People's Army and people that had wished to have powerful self-reliant defense capability.
And how about this snippet, issued last week, criticizing Japan for:
...extra-large crimes of human rights abuses
And other somewhat amusing quotes...
The US imperialist robbers have stretched their crooked tentacle of crime-woven aggression with wild ambition.
the above quote went on to say American's will
meet the fate of forlorn wandering spirits
Apparently, enemies of the state are described as "human scum", with one North Korean defector described as a
dirty and silly guy
Fighting words if I've ever seen them.

Here's the original story from NPR.
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Dammit! They know about the tentacle of crime woven wandering spirits! Or something!
omg J was that your tentacle of crime-woven aggression?!? i knew it sounded familiar from somewhere...
Give North Korea credit, they still have a stronger grasp of the English language than our president.
Don't you get it? If that's how their Dear Leader speaks English, then that is how English is spoken and the rest of the world is wrong. Anyone caught speaking the Imperialist English will be dealt with accordingly.

Here's one: How many North Koreans does it take to change a light bulb?

None. The DPRK wants for nothing. Our light bulbs, made in our own peculiar style, fully satisfy our people's taste. Only a traitor would seek to change them. When the arduous march is over and the US imperialists defeated, then we shall switch on one, two, many light bulbs in a blaze of glory.
I like how he's called Dear Leader...if I ever become a tyrant (hope!) it's gonna be Big Boss or Dear Leader fo sho.
Or how about "peerless" leader?! Kim Jong-Il is the only human I've ever heard described as "peerless" ...
That's pretty good too...hmm. Dear Leader and co. have a knack for naming stuff! +5 points.
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