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Sunday, June 18
  Ahh summertime... love is missiles are in the air

It will be interesting to see whether Kim Jong-Il does in fact test launch the North's new Taepodong 2 missile.
North Korea appears to have completed fueling of an intercontinental ballistic missile capable of reaching the United States, American officials said today, a move that greatly increases the probability that Pyongyang will actually go ahead with a launch.

... Fueling a missile is generally considered close to an irreversible step, since it is very hard to siphon fuel back out.

...experts say there are two main reasons why the North Korean regime might launch a missile right now.

For one thing, the country's military may well want to verify their missile capability. It has almost eight years since the last missile launch, which occurred in August 1998, and "it may well be that Kim Jong Il is getting a lot of pressure from his generals to verify the design" of the Taepodong 2 missile, said Robert Einhorn, a senior adviser at the Center for Strategic and International Studies and former assistant secretary of state for nonproliferation under President Bill Clinton.

But, he added, "whenever the North Koreans act up, one has to assume in part at least that they are trying to get the world's attention."

...North Korea has boycotted the talks in recent months after the United States cracked down on financial institutions, including a bank in Macau, that dealt with the government in Pyongyang and with North Korean companies suspected of counterfeiting American dollars and laundering money. If North Korea goes ahead with a missile launching, the already floundering talks would likely go into a deep freeze.
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See, it's this kind of sensational journalism that makes me angry. Oh, so he's fueled his 'dong missles, what do you expect? Missiles are a great place to store your fuel, think about it, would YOU steal fuel from a missle? No, no you wouldn't, cause you don't want a dong missle blowing up in your face.
the sensationalizing going on, if you can call it that, lies in the juxtaposition of "completed fueling an ICBM" with "capable of reaching the US" if there were some evidence suggesting that its intended use is against the US. otherwise it's just interesting news about one of the world's most beloved maniacal dictators
"Capable of reaching the US" is most likely a journalistic phrase to keep readers interested, though it may mean more to Alaskans than the rest of us. It's more likely that ol' 'il would just fire it over Japan like last time. I mean, if he blew up a small town there, what are the Japanese gonna do? Throw Nintendos at him? This is obviously just a conspiracy masterminded by the North Koreans to corner the world's supply of game consoles.
Corner the world's supply of game consoles?!? Dear god! He must be stopped!!! Throw everything we got at him!
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