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Sunday, June 11
  Heeeeere's Reality........
What an excellent example of the kind of thing the cartoons below (June 10th) are based on. (Thanks to Tony for the link.)

It's probably worthwhile to read the entire article, but if you're into brevity just watch the video and peruse the selected quotes below...

In 2002, Dr. Hager got a call from the Bush White House asking him to serve on the FDA advisory committee charged with reviewing Plan B’s over-the-counter application along with two other anti-abortion-rights physicians. But when Hager argued against Plan B at committee meetings, he didn’t talk about abortion.

He raised moral questions ... speculated about an increase in sexually-transmitted diseases "I’m saying that it is possible that with the use of Plan B the individual may put herself at greater risk," he says.

But the advisory panel reviewed 40 studies that refuted his objections and showed that Plan B does not lead to more cases of sexually transmitted disease, or more risky sexual behavior.

Even Dr. Hager admits Plan B is totally safe. The FDA says there have been no deaths, no heart attacks, no strokes and no evidence of misuse or abuse.


So, with Plan B mired in the abortion debate, the FDA advisory committee took its vote on recommending whether it should be sold over the counter.

Dr. Hager voted “no.” But his colleagues on the committee rejected his arguments, voting 23 to four in favor of offering the drug over the counter.

Such a lop-sided vote should have meant the application would sail through. But then the saga of Plan B took a strange turn.

Dr. Hager says someone at the FDA — he won’t say who — asked him to write a “minority report” in which he asked for more studies and more data on the use of Plan B by young girls.

A few months later something totally unexpected happened: The FDA ignored the committee’s overwhelming vote and rejected the proposal to sell Plan B over the counter, citing the very concerns in Hager’s report.

Some people believe Hager raised these objections because of his religious beliefs, but that’s something he denies. “The religious aspect did not enter into that decision for me,” he says.
Is he kidding?!
But in to a speech he gave to a Christian college, he seemed to admit his role was all about religion. "God has used me to stand in the breach for the cause of the kingdom," Hager said at the time.

He was talking about Plan B.

"But I argued it from a scientific perspective. And God took that information and He used it through this minority report to influence a decision. You don't have to wave your bible to have an effect as a Christian in the public arena," Hager told the audience.

Hager says he did not mean to suggest that God wanted Plan B to fail, and that he was His instrument. "I thought that God used me, He'd used my individual gifts of, whatever, in an individual way to be able to express my opinion."
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hahah wow, simply amazing...
But I argued it from a scientific perspective

The unique scientific perspective which ignores all studies and all data. The same scientific perspective that says that evolution is a joke and that Eve was created from Adam's rib.

God has used me to stand in the breach for the cause of the kingdom

Wow, that's a terrifying statement. God uses me too, he just never calls back.
Ah the ramblings of old white men. I only grow concerned at the religious zeal of an individual when it is genuine; radical Islamists are zealots, old white politicians would turn on any diety if it got them more public support. Of course I speak in generalities, so exceptions might exist.

Plan B would be best offered at hospitals in cases of rape, as well as a prescription. It is important, however, to prevent the over-the-counter availability of this drug. You can't trust people with such convenience.
I would argue that religious zealots like this one are completely genuine. The words from his own mouth, cited above by Delta, make that plain enough.

What's terrifying is the fact that religious texts can be used (and in this case, clearly have been used) to trump tangible scientific evidence. I don't appreciate that policy decisions directly affecting millions of people are being made based on the whim of someone's interpretation of what their god/religion of choice wants them to do.
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