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Monday, May 22
  Oh the Places You'll Go....

The Funky Fab Door Curtain has been to Missouri, Kansas, and Arkansas. Where will it go next? Perhaps Oklahoma then Oregon? My goal is to have the Door Curtain rotate among our group, and hit most of the states before eventually being returned to Jeremiah. Thoughts? Foolish goal? Has it been anywhere else?
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Haha, that's awesome.
Thank you Tony, I'm glad this came to fruition. The Funky Fab Door Curtain has been with us for quite some time and yet, its origins remain shrouded in mystery. It required all my guile, and a bit of strong-arming, to finally acquire this little wonder from the art staff at the Mildred Lane Kemper Art Museum during a white elephant re-gifting ritual. Where did it come from? How many masters has it served? Will it out-live Ben? Most assuredly. Still much mystery remains...
Once I shot funky fab in the chest 27 times and it did not die!! How many times can you be shot in the chest, Ben? 8? 10? Pathetic.
My asian gene doesn't protect me from gay accessories...
Since when are .45 caliber lead slugs considered "gay accessories" ???
i'm thinkin' the funky fab door curtain would make an excellent addition to mine and lee's basement lair this summer. send it to dc!

This must happen. Where is funky fab now?
the funky fab is with me in AR, if you'd like to discuss shipping just shoot me an IM. otherwise i'll plan on taking it to OR before sending it to DC. spanning the country one Wustl'er at a time..
whoa whoa what happened to houston and OKC??
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