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Saturday, May 27
  Sippin' on some hydrogen
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This is quite interesting, I wonder how expensive this storage/transfer process would end up being? But hey whatever, anything to screw over those oil companies.
yeah i'd also like to know how much hydrogen can be stored per litre of this stuff
Hmmm....what would happen if two cars with this glass-enclosed hydrogen fuel system were in a terrible wreck, and a hydrogen tank ruptures? Would billions of tiny glass spheres go shooting through the air, riddling bystanders with tiny holes? You're walking, along when you hear the accident. You look around to find it....and your chest disintegrates! Bad news for Ford.
Best. Death. Ever.
here, let me crash the party: the stuff wouldn't be stored at pressure (not that you could significantly compress a bunch of glass microspheres anyway) and therefore would simply leak out onto the ground like EXTREMELY fine sand (imagine sand so fine it flows like and appears to be liquid). harmless
Hey, Foosh. Shut up.
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