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Sunday, December 18
So I saw Dharma (I forget the actress's real name) of Dharma and Greg is getting a new TV show on CBS. I can't believe they'd give that bitch a new TV show. But aparently someone liked Dharma and Greg, its reruns are still running in syndication, afterall. That got me wondering: what are everyone's top 5 worst syndicated sitcoms of all-time?


5. Friends
4. King of Queens
3. According to Jim
2. Dharma and Greg
1. Everybody Loves Raymond

PS: my rankings are not based solely on which is absolutely worst, it also factors popularity. In other words, it's a ranking of which syndicated sitcoms have done the most "damage". Friends cracks the top 5 not just because it is so overrated but because of all the terrible terrible spinoffs that it has inspired as well.
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i'm glad somebody else hates friends, damn that show is awful
Friends spinoffs? Joey is one...cant think of another. Yet, you clearly wrote spinoffs, with a 's', so surely youre implying that there is more than one spinoff. please elaborate on this mysterious non-Joey spinoff, or spinoffs that no one has ever heard of, ever. please.
Good God, I googled for 'ASCII Aniston' in misguided hopes of finding ASCII art that'll piss you guys off. and....People actually do this. Yup, ever wonder if people put up websites of 'ASCII Babes'? Well, wonder no more, because, yes, they do.

I hope they do a Friends spinoff involving that monkey they had at some point...
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Johnny: I was actually referring to sitcoms about groups of "lovable" friends who lived together that were created by other networks to try to mooch off Friends' popularity. However, now that I think about it, I can't actually recall specific examples, nor is google helpful in tracking these down for me. It's possible that I can't find any examples because such shows were short-lived and largely ignored. It's equally as likely that it's all in my head...
Lee: i heard that Friends was inspired by Seinfeld to begin with. So by your criteria, does that mean negative points for Seinfeld?
My head hurts...
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