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Sunday, December 18
  Brokeback storyboard

We saw Brokeback Mountain today. For those of you who havent seen it, I have condensed the absurdly long, tedious film into a comic for simple digestion. (Click to enlarge)
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that's giving the film WAY too much credit, the actors aren't that lively in the film, the dialogue isn't that creative, and there should be a ratio of 12:1 for mountain to man shots, otherwise good post
As a sidenote to this comic: as i was making it, i tried to find funny gay images for the two panels of gayness, so i did a google image search on 'gay'. However, I neglected to turn on the Moderate SafeSearch filter, since i usually have it off as i often use it to find pornography. The resultant, non-filtered Google image search for 'gay' was hugely unpleasant. I suggest everyone try it at least once to give themselves perspective on life.
Soooo, I take it Brokeback Mountain was good then? and deserving of award nominations?
johnny, you are too clever. and btw, i showed this to my friend susan at the holiday party you missed out on, and i had her google "gay" to give herself perspective. let's just say, as you put it, it was "hugely unpleasant." however, in the movie's defense, i thought it was an excellent (yet extremely sad) film. yes, a bit slow, and yes jake gyllenhaal wasn't the best of actors in it, but i def came away from it with something to think about.
i, too came away with something to think about after brokeback mountain. ill give you a hint as to what it was: it begins with a "d" and ends with an "ongs". thats right. dongs.
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