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Friday, December 30
  The Commando Drinking Game
I figure of my four most drunken nights, last night came in 4th place, missing the bronze by just a smidge. Johnny is currently gracing Chicago with his presence, so we played the Commando drinking game. Look it up online, you'll find a ridiculous joke of a game, having numerous cues to down as many as four shots. Thus, it simply would not do. Johnny and I revised this game, and believe we have made what is both survivable and fun. Granted, we polished off a brand new bottle of Stoli, but without a challenge where is the fun? Probably in not being really sick the next day, but smeh. So, the Commando drinking game is as follows--you take a shot when:

A member of Matrix's (Arnold's character) squad dies.
General Kirby says "World War III".
Matrix uses a farm tool to kill someone.
Cheesy 80's music begins.
Cindy freaks out.
Matrix's watch beeps really loud.

Rent the movie, play the game, see if you're a drinking commando. On a sidenote, I was so drunk last night I blacked out going to blockbuster, renting a game, playing it, wigging out and breaking a mirror. Seven years bad luck, I hope 2005 will count for one...
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I hope that you can keep up that pace for next weekend too...
So what game did you rent? Was it ffX2? I'll bet it was ffX2=)
No amount of alcohol would ever make FFX2 a good idea, Lee.

Oh and don't worry Tony, I'll be back in the saddle by next weekend.
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