Can't you keep my hand to yourself?!
Thursday, December 8
so i guess i should post something. ummmm... what foosh said. happy christmapalooza to all.
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Hi Sara, welcome to the party, and it's Happy Chrismakah, if anybody else recongnizes that, I'm as ashamed as you are to know what is....anyway, welcome!
Oh my, I definitely recognize it. Although to my credit (?) I thought he called it christmahanukwanzakah (accepted spelling, check webster's) in the show...

Anyway, Grey's Anatomy has stepped in to fill the hole left when I stopped watching *THAT* show.
hi sarar! it's good to be surrounded by another jew. that way when we get persecuted and have to flee to israel, we can do it together. oh yes, and then we can study the new testament and learn forgiveness.

yay, grey's anatomy!
Christmahanukwanzakah was created by virgin mobile for an ad campaign,

Whereas, if you look at an episode guide of *ahem* you'll see Christmukah as a title, ho ho ho
Grey's anatomy is a sweet show. It cracks me up.
hi everyone! i think i've heard of chrismakah but christmahanukwanzakah just made my eyes glaze over. what show is that from?

and grey's anatomy is good stuff. :)
never mind. i figured it out.
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