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Monday, November 27
  Forever Young?

Humans will never die by 2020.

Reading the article I got a song by Alphaville (pictured here) stuck in my head, and if I have it in mine, you'll have it in yours!

Forever young, I want to be forever young
Do you really want to live forever, forever and ever

A recent Nature Article discussing Nanotech Risks.

What are your thoughts on living forever?
I love it, I must never die!
I've seen the Matrix, I've read Prey, those damn computers don't fool me......
I don't believe it.
I haven't thought about it.
I don't care.
Leave me alone.
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Saturday, November 18
  An Apple nut
Here's a funny read. About that Apple...

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Thursday, November 16
  Sony subsidizing PS3

At losses of up to $307 per machine, Sony is losing more than twice as much money per console as Microsoft did when it subsidized the Xbox 360. Link

So has anyone seen the new PS3 yet? Or the Wii?

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Monday, November 6
  Donkey Kong!

France is proud of its contribution to culture in such forms as existentialism, Impressionism and auteur films. Now the French culture minister wants to add Donkey Kong to his country’s pantheon of high art.
Monday, October 30
  The EULA for Vista
I'd hate to perpetuate the "Anti-Windows" sentiment here, but I read this and thought it was interesting.

Saturday, October 28
  Transition complete
Hey, we're now using the new system. I sent invites to the addresses that you used to register for Blogger (those were the ones listed under the blog settings...and most easily copy/pasted!). Post a comment if you're having any problems.

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  Wustlog moving to blogger beta
Hey everyone,

It's time to switch Wustlog over to the new Blogger beta. Here are some reasons why.

But! In order to do so, I need to remove all of you as contributors, switch to the new version, then re-add everyone. So if you're wondering why you can't post, you will need to use your Google account login from now on. I will try to re-add everyone who posted in the last 6 months, but if I forgot you and you'd like to be on, just let me know.
Thursday, October 26
  Scary stories
Wednesday, October 25
Cardinals pitcher Jeff Suppan is apparently against embryonic stem cell research in Missouri, which is a shame, considering one of the top academic research centers in the country is in St. Louis.

People posing as moralists, like Suppan, are only promoting ignorance and condemning thousands of others to further suffering. It's reprehensible, at best.
Tuesday, October 24
  Turbine on a Chip

Engine on a chip

Scientists at MIT are close to putting together the pieces of a miniature gas-turbine engine with hopes that it could replace today's battery technology and be used to power laptops and cell phones in the future.
  IE 7 released (updated)

IE 7 was released last week. At long last they added tabs, though I think their implementation is a bit lackluster (i.e., why can't the tab bar disappear when there's only one tab open?!). Any other first impressions?

Here is the download site.

UPDATE 10.25.06

Here's an interesting discussion of IE7, Microsoft's first significant upgrade to IE since 2001, and Firefox 2.0, which was released today. My favorite quote:
And I'm still fascinated by one question: If Firefox had never cut sharply into IE’s market share, would Microsoft ever have gotten around to bringing its browser into the modern age?
Monday, October 23
  Duke Scientists Lay Claim to ‘Invisibility Cloak’

It's all working according to plan....
On the down side, I guess Johnny's vision of seeing "Rain penis" like he did in Hollow Man 1 will never come to fruition.

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